The Complete Guide to Documenta 2022 Kassel | documenta fifteen

documenta fifteen 2022 Kassel
documenta fifteen 2022 Kassel

documenta is a series of exhibitions of modern and contemporary art which takes place every five years in Kassel, Germany. The first Documenta was held in 1955 and the most recent one took place from June 10 to September 16, 2017. documenta fifteen will take place from June 18 to September 25, 2022, in Kassel.


documenta fifteen 2022 Kassel
documenta fifteen 2022 Kassel

When will documenta 2022 fifteen Kassel take place?

documenta 15 opens on the 18th June their doors and ends on the 25th. September 2022. The regular opening hours are from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. However, there are events that deviate from these times.

Where can I get tickets for documenta 2022?

The tickets for documenta 15 can be purchased on the Internet via the documenta website and during the exhibition in the respective documenta shops in Kassel.

The admission ticket entitles you to visit the 32 exhibition locations of documenta 15 in Kassel. In addition, documenta recommends booking a ticket for an exhibition tour with the art mediators called Sobat-sobat.

documenta fifteen 2022 Kassel
documenta fifteen 2022 Kassel

How much do tickets for documenta fifteen cost?

The cards for documenta 15 are not as expensive as you might suspect at first glance. For example, the season ticket costs 125 euros (Print@Home). This means that each day costs the equivalent of 1.25 euros. As a student, you also get a discount – then the season ticket for documenta 2022 costs 100 euros (Print@Home). Individual tickets for one day can be obtained as an adult from 12 euros – this is the price for an evening ticket, which is valid from 5 p.m. Here is a selection of available tickets:

Day ticket€27
Permanent ticket€125
2-day ticket€45
Evening ticket€12
Family ticket€60
School class ticket€7
Solo ticket*€27
How much do tickets for documenta 15 cost?

Here you will find an overview of all ticket prices. (*With a solo ticket, donate a ticket that can be retrieved by another person as a free ticket.)

With every ticket purchase, visitors support sustainability projects in Germany and Indonesia with one euro.

Are documenta fifteen tickets also valid for public transport in Kassel?

The tickets for documenta 2022 are valid as a ticket for local transport in the Kassel Plus area(valid in the city center and also in surrounding areas) with an exception in season tickets. Season ticket holders can buy discounted multi-tickets at the VNPT vending machines and ticket offices during the issuance.

By the way: Anyone who has an NVV annual ticket will receive a reduced price on the exhibition tours (except for exhibition tours for groups).

documenta fifteen 2022 Kassel
documenta fifteen 2022 Kassel

Are there tours and guided tours at documenta fifteen?

On the website of the exhibition, there are various tours that start in different places and have different routes. Here you can book the documenta tours.

If you travel in a group to the World Art Exhibition in Kassel, you can book exhibition tours. There are separate offers for school classes – as well as for children. documenta can also be experienced barrier-free – for example with hearing support, in easy language, and sign language. Here you can book the documenta group offers.


Are there any other rules at documenta 2022?

It is not allowed to eat or drink in the exhibition buildings. Pets are also not allowed there (exceptions apply to assistance dogs). Photography for private purposes is possible without flash. Photography with a flash or tripod and filming exhibition videos, on the other hand, is prohibited. If you want to take commercial photos or video recordings, you must have this approved in advance.

Who is the head of documenta 2022?

The artistic director of documenta 15 is an artist collective: Ruangrupa from Jakarta in Indonesia. Ruangrupa means freely translated “art space” or “space form”.

Ruangrupa was founded in 2000 and organizes exhibitions, festivals, and other projects. “The working methods of the collective are based on a holistic social, locally anchored and personal practice, which is strongly linked to Indonesian culture,” write the documenta makers.

Why documenta with small D?

The word documenta is a proper name. Even if it is a noun, many media and organizers adhere to the lower case. The inventor, Arnold Bode, already said in 1950 that he invented the word.

Lower case was considered modern among intellectuals in the 1950s. Originally, the term probably comes from document. According to Bode, it sounded better with attached A. There is no linguistic rule for the formation of the plural. Arnold Bode spoke to the majority of documents and documenta exhibitions. Each documenta has so far been abbreviated with a small d. The documenta 13 was also referred to as d13. (Marie Klement)


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