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Here I am.. Gizem Beki. Actually Gizem Beki Tarzan 🙂

For those who wondered who I am when they first clicked in the site, or the one that already knows me but wondered Why is this girl trying to be a blogger now?”, I prepared a section of course 🙂

Gizem Beki
Gizem Beki

First me; 30-year-old, full-time engineer, a part-time chef in her own kitchen, 24/7 traveler on holidays, and a true nature lover.

Also, love reading books when I can have time. I spent 27 years of my life in Turkey and currently living in Germany.

I love exploring new things, first I started with visiting new places but I have noticed that people can discover new things and use their creativity even in their own kitchen. When I realized that I started to throw myself in the kitchen when I was not able to travel and the small experiments I had in the kitchen transformed into a passion for me.

Now I travel as much as I can and when I can’t, I cook new and healthy dishes, or better said “experimenting in the kitchen”.

I wouldn’t discuss the topic of why I became an engineer. If you knew the Turkish education system a bit, you would also know that all successful students become doctors or engineers! But I’m still lucky to like and be able to adapt it to my life.

So why travel?

Because seeing new places, meeting new cultures makes contributions to your life that are beyond your imagination. Visiting a tiny town where nobody speaks English and trying to deal with locals there, or getting lost in a big city late at night and also getting caught in a downpour, is a little demo what you can experience in life. While you are discovering new cities, you are also discovering yourself, seeing how you deal with problems and what you can accomplish. Traveling, of course, is very enjoyable, but the lessons learned from these experiences and the contributions to your self-development are also very important.

So why cooking?

Because it is the closest place to go if you want to explore something new! You can object to all cooking methods you learned from your mother and try new flavors, new methods to satisfy your rebellious side 🙂 There is a whole world there, waiting to be discovered!

So why eating healthy?

Because I want to get old healthy, it’s that simple! We can’t resist the time passing, but we can reduce what it takes from us. All animals are given every kind of antibiotics, everything packed has a ton of sugar and additives in it, vegetables are full of chemicals. I think it is better to reduce these chemicals we take into our bodies as much as we can and since we can get rid of most of them by washing the vegetables in the right way, I am eating mostly plant-based and for the sugar cravings, I use natural sweeteners instead of sugar.

So why write a blog?

There is a very simple answer to this: I do not want my memories to fade away. I didn’t realize how much I like to travel until an age that I now find a bit late and I continued a bit fast 🙂 When I look back, it is sad to see that those memories are slowly intermixed, and I will try to avoid it by writing.

I write about the food because sometimes what I cook has a story for me, but generally, I want to help those who are trying to eat healthily. I think it is a great motivation to see that it is actually not difficult to start a healthy diet.

But the main reason I turn these into a blog is my life partner, my other half, my husband, who motivates me to improve myself on every subject. He is the hidden hero behind the blog you read 🙂 He also motivated me for writing as he motivates me for every other subject in life, Made me believe that I can achieve good things and laid the foundations of this blog. I hope you enjoy reading.