More Than a Stop on The Way, Aachen…


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Since we live almost in the geographic middle of Germany, it is convenient for us to travel to many places by car. One of my great pleasures is to find a new place to visit on the way until we reach our last stop.

When traveling by car from Germany to Belgium, on the way to Bruges, we were passing close to Aachen. I’ve heard a lot from my friends going to the Erasmus program here, but I didn’t have a chance to visit until then. I finally found the opportunity on the way back home from Bruges, and of course didn’t miss it.


Aachen is the home to one of Germany’s best technical universities; according to Stepstone’s survey from 2014 it is the 5th most preferred technical university of the country. This means a city full of students and therefore many lively cafes and restaurants. Aachen Cathedral is also the first place in Germany to be included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Aachen Cathedral

Aachen Cathedral has an Amazing Interior

I already knew the cathedral was on the World Heritage List, but I didn’t know that it would impress me so much. Its construction began at the end of the 8th century and still resists time. The interior of this splendid building, which I could not fit in the frame exactly, was decorated with Italian and Greek marble, gold-leaf mosaics and bronze doors.

Amazing Interior

City Where Three Countries Cross

Just outside of Aachen, there is the “Dreiländerpunkt” where the borders of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands cross. It is actually a stone that is planted at the intersection point of the three borders. If you come here, you can enjoy visiting three countries within 10 seconds 🙂 In the picture below, I stand at the German-Belgian border and the top of the stone where I put my hand is, where three countries meet. There is also a view tower, but due to the rain, the visibility was quite low and I did not intend to climb up.

On the German-Belgian border

All Year Long Christmas Wibes in Aachen

Another sensation I got about Aachen was, that its Christmas market is very beautiful. (Although I think all Christmas markets are quite enjoyable :)) Even though I did not come to the Christmas market, I had the chance to see the colorful showcases of the shops where various types of pastries from Aachen were sold. I didn’t get in because I was already filled with chocolate in Belgium 🙂

Chocolate everywhere!

Where To Eat in Aachen

As I mentioned above, there are many delightful cafes in Aachen. While we were thinking “We have only one chance, which one would should we try?”, “Leni Liebt Kaffee ” gained our hearts with his swinging seats as we climbed out of the car park. We were quite satisfied with the food, cakes and coffee, but I still think the most beautiful part was the swinging seats 🙂

Best table in town!

Home Of The Oldest German Coffee Roaster

The oldest coffee roaster in Germany, Plum’s Kaffee, which was opened in 1820 is also located in Aachen. If you are interested, you can visit it and buy freshly ground coffee here.

There Will Be A Second Visit One Day

In the few hours we visited, we loved Aachen. I wish I could have a more detailed visit, I think Aachen should be more than a stop on the way. I will try to create an opportunity to visit this nice city again.